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  • Stay on the top of technological innovation that is coming from Europe

  • Discover new brands and new products, not yet available in the US market

  • Evaluate and compare new products and services

  • Diversify you product's portfolio, stand out from your competition 

  • Gain independence from your current suppliers

  • Diversify your buying strategy to include non-Asian suppliers for your products and services

  • Have a plan B in place

  • Don't bet your farm on communist China's economy!



1. Assistance in importing to Poland

  • Help in the preparation of shipments, proper packaging, selection of a carrier, customs broker, etc,

  • Organization of shipments from the USA to Poland through a carrier selected by our partner

2.  Online distribution

  • On line distribution throughout largest online marketplaces including Allegro, Amazon, eBay, and more

  • Store your products in Poland and sell them directly online using platforms of your choice

  • Diginet will warehouse, pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your orders

  • Preparation and optimization of product catalogs:

* Product descriptions and photo edit

* Websites and social networking sites

* Text translation into different languages

* Stores' database integration

* Price control

3.  Digital distribution

  • Worldwide distribution of e-Books through Apple's Book Stores in 51 different countries with direct access to all Apple devices

  • Worldwide distribution of music throughout the largest online stores including Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, Empik, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Qobuz, Slacker, Napster, Deezer, Zed and many, many more

  • SoundCloud and YouTube Content ID protection through Digital Fingerprinting of your music

  • Royalties collection for sound recordings publishing, and digital performances, on behalf of recording artists' and master rights owners​


4.  Product warehousing and forwarding services

  • Warehousing of physical products

  • Adaptation of stored goods to the requirements of individual sales platforms, including packing, repacking, foiling, labeling and security

  • Folding and packaging of goods that require folding,

  • Shipment of products to the warehouses of trading partners in Poland

  • Carrying out orders to distributors or directly to customers

  • Handling of customers' returns 

  • Returning the inventories from Poland to the USA

  • Additional logistic solutions

5.  Fulfillment, sales management, customer service & returns

  • Help in setting up and optimizing accounts for online sales

  • Placing and optimizing offers in the stores

  • Service and execution of orders

  • Customer service

  • Oversee customers' feedback

  • Authorization and processing of returns

  • Management and correspondence with sales platforms

  • Ensuring compliance with the rules and requirements of the sales platforms


6. Bookkeeping and accounting services

  • Analysis and recommendations regarding reporting and tax requirements for foreign companies operating in the Poland

  • Tax compliance services

  • Maintaining the company's accounting books according to Polish Accounting Act and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The Polish Accounting Act sets the legal framework for financial reporting in Poland and requires companies to prepare their financial statements in accordance with the IFRS. The IFRS are a set of globally recognized accounting standards developed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to promote consistency and transparency in financial reporting. Companies in Poland must comply with these standards in order to provide accurate and reliable financial information to stakeholders.


7.  Business start-up service

  • Selection of the legal business structure for a business entity in Poland

  • Selection of the state, for the incorporation of the business

  • New entity registration with state agencies, including pre-payment of all fees for one year

  • Assistance with obtaining tax ID 

  • Assistance with opening a bank account in Poland


8.  Market research and Product evaluation

  • Assessment of the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and government regulation

  • Analysis of the markets associated with a particular good or service to ascertain how the customers will react to it

  • Gathering of information for the purpose of market segmentation and product differentiation

  • Examination of existing competitors and their offerings

  • Tailoring of strategies for introduction of new products

  • Determining the viability of a new product or service for Polish market

  • Identification and discovery of target markets and consumers

  • Acquiring of opinions and feedback from consumers about their interest in new products or services

9.  Sourcing and acquisition of distribution channels in Poland

  • We can make your products and services discoverable by retail consumers in Poland

  • We can place your products in front of the relevant buyers in your product category

  • We can showcase your products and put you in touch with distributors and retailers in Poland so they can start direct negotiations with you, request samples of your products and discuss the next steps


10.  Marketing & Promotion

  • Production and development of promotional videos 

  • Production and development of podcasts (example)

  • Development of mobile websites with e-commerce functionalities (example)

  • Online press release distribution service

  • Online & print advertising

  • Trade show participation & management​

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What Our Clients and Affiliates Say...

Anna Buganik, Firma Produkcyjna Bartex ZPChr, Żagań, Poland

Diginet pomógł naszej firmie odkryć nieograniczone możliwości dla naszych produktów na rynku amerykańskim. Przedstawiecle Diginet uczestniczyli w naszym imieniu targach handlowych, analizowali rynki, kontaktowali się z lokalnymi dystrybutorami i zawsze robili wszystko, aby jak najlepiej zaprezentować nasze legowiska dla psów klientom w USA.

Diginet helped our company to explore limitless opportunities for our  products in the US market.  They attended trade shows, analyzed the markets, contacted local distributors, and have always taken an extra step to help put our pet beds in front of new customers in the USA.

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