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Marble Surface

March 15, 2022


Innovative system for terraces from DD Group

Based in Gdańsk, Poland DD Group a producer of an innovative systems for terraces and decks. Their practical technology combines aesthetic possibilities and solidity of performance. It consist of the use of special pads or pedestals with adjustable height range and angle of inclination. A family owned company, they have full control over the production process, and take full responsibility for the properties of our products. DD Group work with designers and contractors, with retail chains and with home owners who want to realize their dream terrace or high quality deck for their own home.


Benefits of DD Group products:

1. Better ventilation and fast water drainage—the gaps between the tiles or boards allow the water to drain freely and quickly from the floor surface. There is no water on the surface.

2. Additional thermal insulation —the system of adjustable pedestals provides better thermal insulation. The air gap between the floor and the insulation causes constant air circulation, which increases the lifetime of the insulation properties of the membrane.

3. All installments under the terrace – raised floors on adjustable pedestals enable installation under the floor. All cables can be freely placed under it and have access to them at any time.

4. Lower weight—the floor does not require many heavy glued layers. Floors raised on adjustable plastic pedestals are characterized by a light structure, which positively affects the implementation costs.

5. Flat surface—using adjustable terrace pedestals, leveling the floor is extremely easy. The structure is stable and perfectly even.


Learn more about their products by visiting their website.

Marble Surface

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Marble Surface

February 24, 2022


Manufacturer of blow molding machines, robotics and automation systems looking for US distributors

TES Sp. z o. o. was established in 1987 in Poland and since the beginning aimed at the highest quality of tasks providing equipment guaranteeing the most modern technologies in the packaging industry, including robotic automation systems for technological sections of any processes, dedicated machines and devices for defined applications, and molding machines  for PET containers. TES has won many awards and honors, in particular the TOP SELECTION 2000 for the best product in machines category on International Packaging and Machines Exhibition “EMBALLAGE” in Paris in 2000. Learn more about their products by visiting their website.

Marble Surface

February 22, 2022


APS mission is to protect our airspace.  Join their network of distribution partners now.

APS is a manufacturer of the radars and anti-drone systems that detect even the smallest flying objects. With offices in Poland, the United States and United Kingdom APS top scientists and engineers are constantly working on the most effective solutions for airspace safety.  Thanks to their proprietary solutions, APS supports the development of states, enterprises, and technological innovations. Their state of the art products protect the airports, critical infrastructure, government and corporate buildings, prisons, sport and public events, and wind farms.  Learn more about their products by visiting their website.