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Our services

1. Accounting and Consulting Services

  • Analysis and recommendations regarding reporting and tax requirements for foreign companies operating in the USA

  • Maintaining the company's accounting books in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) using QuickBooks and similar applications

  • Reporting sales results, profitability analysis according to criteria selected by the client

  • Registration of company accounts with the relevant tax offices

  • Manage tax liabilities and resolve issues with federal and state agencies

  • Assist in preparing tax returns for state and federal agencies and paying required fees on behalf of the client

  • Analysis and supervision of local and state tax obligations, including sales taxes.

2.  E-commerce

  • Online distribution on many online marketplaces, including Amazon

  • Store your products in the USA and sell them directly online

  • We will warehouse, pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for your orders

  • Preparation and optimization of online catalogs

  •  Editing product descriptions and photos for catalogs 

3. Digital Distribution

  • Worldwide e-Books distribution through Apple Books stores in 51 different countries with direct access to all Apple devices

  • Worldwide music distribution through the largest online stores including Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Qobuz, Slacker, Napster, Deezer, Zed and many, many more

  • Protect your music on SoundCloud and YouTube Content ID by digitally fingerprinting your music recordings

  • Collections of royalties for publishing sound recordings and digital performances on behalf of copyright owners

4.  Product Storage and 3PL Services

  • Product storage in the USA for foreign seller

  • Adaptation of stored goods to the requirements of sales platforms, among others. packaging, repacking, foiling, labels, security tags

  • Packaging of goods requiring assembly

  • Shipment of products to trading partners' warehouses in the USA

  • Fulfillment of orders from distributors or directly to final customers

5.  Sales Management, Customer Service and Returns Coordination

  • Assistance in setting up and optimizing accounts for online sales

  • Placing and optimizing offers in stores

  • Order handling and fulfillment

  • Customer service

  • Supervision of opinions received from customers

  • Authorization and processing of returns

  • Contact management and correspondence with sales platforms

  • Ensuring compliance with sales rules and requirements

6.  Marketing and Promotion

  •  Production of promotional videos

  • Podcasts production

  • Building modern websites with e-commerce functions

  • Online press release distribution services

  • Online and print advertising

  • Participating in and managing of trade fairs

What Our Clients and Affiliates Say...

Anna Buganik, Bartex ZPChr Production Company, Żagań, Poland

Diginet helped our company to explore limitless opportunities for our products in the US market.  They attended trade shows, analyzed the markets, contacted local distributors, and have always taken an extra step to help put our pet beds in front of new customers in the USA.

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